• 08.30.18

    Improvisation #1. Dev Hynes the polymath musician behind Blood Orange builds a song on drum machine, keyboard, guitar, voice and cello. Directed by me for the NYT Magazine. DP: Garrett Hardy Davis, Edit: Jo Jo King Sound: Robert Bluemke Produced by Goldteeth & Co

  • 07.18.18

    Directed the Campaign film for DKNY STORIES – NY MADE ME

    Featuring Grace Harztel, Produced by Reversal Content, DP Adam Newport-Berra.

  • 07.17.18

    Sherrie Silver, the Rwandan-born dancer who choreographed Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video, shows Vogue her five Afrobeat dances.
    Director: Steven Brahms Fashion Editor: Alexandra Gurvitch DP: Mika Atlskan Editor: Alex Goldberg

  • 06.21.18

    \r\n\r\nDirected the video for ‘Believe’ by Amen Dunes. Cinematographer Jake Saner, Editor Drew Blatman, Color Mikey Rossiter, With Laura Leigh

  • 04.11.18

    \r\n\r\nDirected the Moving Together campaign film for Free People.  DP Garrett Hardy Davis, Editor Drew Blatman, Music Dash Hammerstein, Color Nick Metcalf, Production Goldteeth & Co.

  • 02.21.18

    \r\n\r\nDirected this video for Amen Dunes.

  • 10.24.17

    \r\n\r\nDirected the Good Wool Campaign for Theory‘We’ve traveled the world in search of a fabric and manufacturing process that is beautiful, humane, and environmentally responsible from start to finish.‘Cinematography by Julian Kapadia, Edited by Drew Blatman, Music by Dashel Hammerstein, Creative Direction by Suzanne Shaheen Andrew Gold & Jane Herman.

  • 07.11.17

    Lottery_IMG8995\r\n\r\nLottery_2013\r\n\r\nLottery_Rocks\r\n\r\nLottery_Stoned\r\n\r\nTopic.com invited me to reimagine the famous, controversial, and very American short story The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson (1948) through photographs. Styling by Emma Pritchard. (….this was dream project)

  • 01.23.17

    \r\nDirected the new Date Bra Collection Campaign Film for VS PINK.\r\nAgency Code and Theory / Cinematographer Garrett Hardy Davis / Editor Emily Speigleman / Producer Laura Lotti / Set Design Jason Singleton / Production Goldteeth & Co.

  • 11.20.16

    \r\nNordstrom employees sing along to this Golden Girls Classic to say Thank You (for being a friend) to their customers.\r\nDirected by Steven Brahms, Agency Partners and Spade, Edited by Emily Spiegelman, Produced by Goldteeth & Co., Cinematographer Paul Mailman

  • 11.08.16

    AF_Brahms_01a\r\n\r\nAF_Brahms_02\r\n\r\nNew Work for A&F FW16 Campaign. Agency Anomoly, Creative Direction Lydia Pang, Set Design Andy Harman, Styling, Isabell Dupre, Hair Owen Gould, Makeup Kristin Hilton

  • 11.01.16

    \r\nDirected this new spot for Telia Denmark.\r\nCinematographer Laust Trier Mork, Editor Rikke Selin,\r\nProducer Cille Silverwood-Cope at Pegasus Productions,\r\nCreative Director Jabali Ravn, Agency Hjaltelin Stahl

  • 10.05.16

    \r\nDirected this spot for Victoria’s Secret Pink – Active.\r\nAgency Wednesday New York, Cinematographer Garrett Hardy Davis, Edited by Modern Post, Produced by Goldteeth & Co. & Cassidy Ellis

  • 09.20.16

    \r\n\r\nChloe Grace Moretz shows off her psychic abilities in this short film for Teen Vogue. Written and Directed by myself, Graham Mason & Alex Goldberg. Cinematography by Jake Saner, Color by Kath Raisch, Sound by Colin Alexander

  • 09.07.16

    \r\nBest Weekend Ever! Lily Aldridge’s Escape in Montauk is a Labor Day Dream. \r\nShot and Directed for Vogue.com and Michael Kors.\r\nEdited by Graham Mason, Color by Kath Raisch, AC Robbie Cline

  • 08.30.16

    \r\nGQ sent me to West Virginia to get an inside look at the Real-Life Database of America’s Firearms. A place thanks to the gun lobby, where computers are illegal and detective work is absurdly antiquated. Directed by myself, Shot by Garrett Hardy Davis, Edited by Drew Blatman, Sound by Hunt Beaty, Color by Kath Raisch, Audio Mix by Colin Alexander, Produced by Michael Allin.\r\n

  • 06.01.16

    \r\n\r\nDirected This Vogue Original Short Starring Lena Dunham. Written by the hilarious Liz Watson, Edited by Graham Mason, Cinematography by Zac Adams, Original Music by Dashel Hammerstein.

  • 05.12.16

    \r\n\r\nDirected a commercial for Telia in Copenhagen. Agency Hjatelin Stahl, DP Laust Trier Mork, Produced by Pegasus

  • 04.19.16

    \r\n\r\nGo behind behind the scenes with the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company as they rehearse an original work by choreographer George Williamson. Shot and directed by myself for Teen Vogue. Edited by Alex Goldberg.

  • 04.12.16

    \r\n\r\nNew Video for Free People with Charlee Fraser. Cinematographer Garrett Hardy Davis, Edited by JoJo King, Fashion Director Christina Hutson

  • 02.09.16

    Graham Mason and I directed the very funny and talented Zoe Kravitz in this Short for Teen Vogue. Cinematography by Garrett Hardy Davis\r\n\r\n

  • 01.26.16

    Directed the new Z Zegna Spring Summer 2016 Campaign Film\r\n\r\n


  • 01.07.16

    Esquire sent me to Charleston SC to illustrate a haunting work of fiction by Tom Junod. Link\r\n\r\nCF004318-F CF004154-F  CF003601-FCF004221-F

  • 10.28.15

    Vogue Magazine Sent Me On Tour With Jamaica’s Reggae Revival. Meet the Millennial Musicians behind Jamaica’s New Movement. Featuring Chronixx, Protoje, Jah9, Jesse Royal, Addis Pablo, Kabaka Pyramid, Kelissa, and Yaadcore.
 You can see the entire project HERE\r\n\r\n

  • 09.10.15

    Wrote and Directed this new short starring the insanely talented Elle Fanning for Teen Vogue. Cinematography by Zac Adams, Edited by Patrick Blumer, set design by Bryn Bowen, coloring by Peter Steusloff.\r\n\r\n

  • 08.29.15

    Directed this Georgia May Jagger film for Teen Vogue, Camera by Garrett Hardy Davis, Edited by Jo Jo King.


  • 08.29.15

    Directed this short film for R29 starring Lili Sumner. Written by Graham Mason, Shot by Joseph Victorine.

  • 08.04.15

    Made this video of Gigi Hadid for W Magazine with Alex Goldberg. Shot by Garrett Hardy Davis,\r\n\r\n


  • 06.25.15

    Alex Goldberg and I directed this short film starring Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott for T: The NYTimes Style Magazine. Camera by Garrett Hardy Davis\r\n\r\n

  • 06.24.15

    Shot and Directed these Elaine Inspired Gifs for Vogue.com Starring Andreaa Diaconu as Elaine and Elliot Tebele as Jerry. Styled by Jordan Bickham.\r\n\r\n02-new-Too-Hot\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n03-newest-push\r\n\r\n10-new-Eyebrows\r\n\r\n06x-new-Eye-Roll\r\n\r\n01-new-Entrance\r\n\r\n07-new-Lipstick-v2\r\n\r\n09-New-Chocolate-Syrup\r\n\r\n04-new-Bubblegum-v2\r\n\r\n 

  • 06.22.15

    Introducing Inconversation.tv a new interview project from myself and Spencer Leigh. What does it take to create classic work, work that has real meaning? What you will find here are conversations with those who’ve developed a distinct perspective over time. In Conversation explores creativity, process, limitations, technology, photography, film, art and style – as it really happens. In our first installment we sat down with Oscar Nominated Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey.\r\n\r\n

  • 06.22.15

    BikeFridge01\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n”It’s like trying to move a refrigerator with a bicycle.” For Bloomberg Business Week

  • 05.18.15

    Directed this new Vogue Original Short starring Amanda Seyfried and her Dog Finn.\r\n\r\n

  • 05.04.15

    To promote his incredible new book of photographs I teamed up with Gus Powell (@dirtywhitebucks) to make this Godard inspired trailer. The Lonely Ones is available for pre-order at jandlbooks.org/TLO.html\r\n\r\n

  • 04.23.15

    Excited to see my photograph on the Cover of Passion Pit’s New Album Kindred.\r\nYou can see all the photographs and videos from the shoot here.\r\n\r\nKindred Vinyl

  • 04.23.15

    Shot this Cover of Bloomberg Business Week about working at the IRS. Creative Direction by Alis Atwell and Rob Vargas\r\nBloomberg BusinessWeek IRS

  • 03.09.15

    Directed this Interview of Sam Smith for Vogue Diaries\r\n\r\n

  • 02.16.15

    Directed this video for Passion Pit ‘Lifted Up (1985)\r\n\r\n


  • 02.15.15

    Directed this for Passion Pit ‘Where The Sky Hangs’\r\n\r\n

  • 01.19.15

    Bloomberg Maternity Leave